Do you want to unlock your unique European family history?

Icon showing the FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS initials FHO. FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS uncovers your European family history through entirely personalised, expert bespoke historical family research for international clients.

FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS’ bespoke expert historical family research uncovers your unique European family history in countries across Europe.

  • Are you looking for entirely personalised expert historical research to unlock your European family history?
  • Are you searching for ancestors across the European continent?
  • Do you value your family heritage as an integral part of your personal legacy?

We connect clients with their unique personal heritage in a very individualised way, focussing on family histories in countries across Europe, in North America and the southern hemisphere. Wherever your family history played out and wherever you live, we make the connections.

Your European heritage and genealogy explored through people, places and possessions

FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS infographic researching European family history through people, places and possessions.

FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS researches your family history through the people, places and possessions which hold the greatest meaning for you and your family.


  • Individuals and family group in-depth historical study
  • People tracing – for genealogy and inheritance
  • Birth families – connecting birth and adoptive families
  • Your life story – autobiography or biography חנות
  • Obituary and epitaph writing
  • Family stories – recording and preserving family lore


  • Historical contextualisation
  • Communities of origin
  • Retracing steps – unique itineraries


  • Provenance research of acquisitions and heirlooms
  • Property history
  • Family business history
  • Historical photography analysis
  • Personal papers, translation and transcription

Our research identifies those parts of your family history which have impacted your family heritage the most. This defines the great significance of your unique heritage for your individual legacy to those dearest to you.

Locating your European heritage and genealogy

We serve a global clientele with European family history across the European continent:

  • United Kingdom
  • Northern Europe and Scandinavia
  • Central Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Southern Europe
  • Eastern Europe including the Baltic regions

We research migration stories globally where European ancestors historically settled:

  • North America
  • Central Europe
  • Western Europe
  • South America<
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Asia
  • South Africa

Unique generationally-transcending European family histories

Our historian-led approach, multiple language capabilities and international project management contribute to produce detailed genealogical research. We create bespoke publications and lineage charts, delivering personal family intelligence and understanding which enable clients to maximise their rich heritage within family, estate and corporate life.

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We can also add to your own historical and family heritage collections through bespoke purchasing of maps, publications and historical ephemera that contextualise your family history.

We offer a range of individualised experiences of bespoke expert historical research, from ancestral heritage itineraries, family history interviews and translation of family documents, to biography, obituary and corporate history research and writing.

FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS offers entirely personalised genealogical services, rare experiences, unique gifts and intelligence built on world class research, in partnership with bespoke artisanry.

We also offer our personal heritage consultations, interviews and experiences at your events, uniquely marking special family occasions or enhancing corporate functions.

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Explore your unique personal heritage through bespoke expert European family history research with FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS.