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When we think of the word intelligence, its two meanings are hardly separable – as a collection of valued information and the ability to acquire that knowledge. Uniquely personalised intelligence about one’s family heritage brings unrivalled understanding of oneself and one’s legacy to others.

For many of our clients the motivation to engage our services originates from a deeply personal desire to know more about their unique family heritage, to understand more about the inheritance which has shaped their own lives and to give form to their own personalised legacy.

From historically contextualising family lives during the last three centuries, retracing the paths of family migration or tracking lost family members and their descendants, to finding answers to family questions, we explore the lives of the generations who shaped who you are.

Behind every individual there is a rich heritage of family culture to be explored and understood.

From the social spheres of family ethnicity and status to the private culture of family religious and linguistic identity.

Deeply connecting with your personal heritage defines your unique legacy for those dearest to you, giving great depth to your own life accomplishments.

FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS is experienced in partnering with Family Offices, household and estate management, and concierge services to bring deeply personalised unique family intelligence to clients and their families.

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