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Fleet, Hampshire, United Kingdom


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Our bespoke expert family history research is entirely personalised to your requirements.

We would be pleased to make an initial telephone appointment with you to arrange your consultation, to discuss with you any details of your European family history and your specific project ideas.

Contact FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS for further information and all enquiries about our wide range of uniquely personalised services contact us by email. We look forward to discussing your unique requirements with you.

UK based, close to European sources, serving clients globally.

FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS is based in the UK, close to European sources, serving an international clientele. Located in Fleet on the Hampshire/Surrey/Berkshire border and on hand in Central and Greater London. Consultations can be arranged at your location or virtually. This flexibility enables internationally based clients to find the most comfortable location to meet with us and share personal family details whilst respecting your demanding schedule and time zone differences.

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