Exploring your European Family History

Exploring your European Family History

Do you want to uncover the unique European family history within your family’s heritage?

We have just launched Exploring your European Family History, our first video, on the FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS YouTube channel.

Our first video explores researching your unique European family heritage and the significance of knowing your family’s European background.

Director Dr Hannah Gill gives insight into FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS’ first class expertise researching European family stories
which can help you uncover your personal heritage in countries across Europe, in North America, and in European-settled countries in the southern hemisphere.

Watch our video and visit for more details about how we can help you research your own unique European heritage.

To find out more information email, we look forward to answering your questions.

We would like to thank video producer and director Shona Charlton at for her wonderful work and Shirley Hinkly for the exceptionally kind loan of her family photo albums lahko najdete na tej strani.

LINK: Exploring your European Family History,