Heritage oriented Family Office intelligence

For household, estate management and concierge agencies globally.

At FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS we work closely with client intermediaries to deliver heritage oriented Family Office intelligence to clients. This partnership ensures that clients can access our bespoke offerings seamlessly. In partnership with Family Offices, household and estate management, and concierge agencies, we provide unrivalled entirely individualised gifts, heritage experiences and heritage oriented Family Office intelligence to clients globally.

Photograph of the Frankfurt am Main skyline of the Bankenviertel, accompnaying the FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS webpage Client Intermediairies. Our European family history delivers heritage oriented Family Office intelligence through client intermediaries, household management, estate management and concierge services. Image copyright / Sven Bauer.

We share your aims in working with you to support your clients through our clear objectives, unique personalisation, discerning consultation, thoughtful listening, depth of knowledge, respectful partnerships and protection of family privacy.

We can assist you in providing your clients with valuable personal heritage intelligence which can shape family, estate and corporate life. We offer a range of bespoke gifts to insightfully mark significant family and corporate occasions. Our expertise can also answer sensitive questions of inheritance and family relationship, as well as providing discreet people tracing investigations.

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