Legacy curation can define uniquely your inheritance.

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Have you wondered how you will be remembered by those closest to you, by dear friends and colleagues?

What echoes will your life leave in the public sphere and in private circles?

To live well is to die well some say, but to live well is also to leave a distinctly unique personal legacy of immeasurable value to your heirs and to the memory of your life.

What legacy then will you leave to your successors?

It is not enough to curate your legacy through financial and legal planning. Your legacy incorporates so much more than your material and financial assets. Your personal legacy is embodied in you whilst you are alive. In death it is encapsulated in the life story you have shared during your life, through your digital footprint and the combined heritage of your family and estate.

To begin to create and curate these three elements of your legacy needs the careful planning, research and selection of personal data which we specialise in at FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS.

By sharing your life story with us we can give voice to your life narrative, incorporating private and corporate biography, images, timelines and key documentation. As you can draw out the significance of life events and moments, we help you give written form to what is most meaningful in your life.

Your digital footprint is your digital legacy. In order to preserve that specific legacy and maintain access to your digital data after your death requires planning and strategies to be put in place in life. This also mitigates against claims to personal and copyrighted material and intellectual property for the benefit of your estate and beneficiaries. Digital legacy management involves awareness, discussion and actions to keep your estate at the forefront of legacy management.

Your life is the generational culmination of a unique legacy of family ancestry bound up in your own family and estate heritage. Incorporating detailed historical family research in both written and visual form into your life story legacy produces a publication of the deepest significance to your heirs, loved ones and close family. 

Alongside the memories of you cherished by your loved ones, FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS captures your multi-faceted legacy revealing your indelible mark on the world in an heirloom to be valued by generations to come.


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