Hire an expert historian

Photograph of special occasion, accompanying the FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS webpage "Event Appearances". Hire our director Image copyright / Nina Ryall.

Are you planning a special family celebration or corporate event?

FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS can bring your guests a uniquely personal experience focussed on their life story and individual heritage.

Hire an expert historian to explore your guests’ family history. Every individual has a unique heritage story waiting to be told.


Special occasions, heritage experiences and corporate events

  • For family celebrations and gatherings our Director Dr Hannah Gill offers biographical life story or family heritage interviews with guests; alternatively family history research consultations producing bespoke research plans inspiring guests to explore their rich heritage.

  • Celebrating a new arrival or coming of age, or simply a seasonal family gathering, informal guest interviews or consultations within your event context bring memories and shared experiences to the fore.

  • For weddings and anniversary celebrations guest interviews can be crafted into guest book recollections and reflections for the special couple. For significant birthdays and family gatherings, interviews can focus on family history, family recollections and family lore.

  • Memorial occasions give significant opportunities for guests to share deeply personal recollections of the individual who has passed away.

  • Corporate events can focus on your institution’s history and the personal heritage of employees or guests. Enhance a corporate anniversary or retirement event by gathering work-life memories and shared corporate history.

Hannah has interviewed clients over many years in order to help explore fascinating family stories and intensively sensitive family matters. Her deep interest in clients’ life experiences, narratives and family histories unfolds through careful listening and astute questioning. She can plan and organise a variety of pop-up family history event occasions and can partner with you to tailor your specific event requirements to the occasion.

FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS is unique in bringing entirely personalised family history experiences to significant family celebrations and corporate events. CLICK to get in touch or visit our Contact page.