Research European ancestors and birth relatives

FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS’ specialised offerings around People will enrich your knowledge of your historical family members and create a unique record of your family lives. We help you research European ancestors, birth relatives and birth ancestors.

We tailor your People project to your specific personal requirements and we would love to help you discern your ideas around Places and Possessions.

We also create unique Publications and can add to your collections through bespoke Purchasing.

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Research European ancestors and birth relatives with FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS. Photograph of yellow wooden clogs accompanying the FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS Specialised Offerings webpage about researching the People that mean the most to you. Image copyright / Denis Bilotta.Individuals and family groups – presenting the in-depth historical study of ancestors’ lives.

Interested in the life of one family member or wishing to research ancestors including birth relatives and birth ancestors across all ancestral family lines? Our research gathers historical sources to illuminate the past lives of your family from a range of historical sources woven together to create a vivid account of family heritage, life choices and historical moments. If your family has been resident in one place for decades or moved around the globe we can trace these movements back to your family roots.


Photograph of fading wet footprints on wooden decking, accompanying the FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS' webpage about our specialised offerings around People. These offerings will enrich your knowledge of your historical family members and create a unique record of your family lives.People tracing – searching for absent family members and missing persons using Open Source Intelligence.

If there are relatives who historically lost contact with your family resulting in absent persons from your family tree we can use Open Source Intelligence to search for missing persons such as the absent descendent generations of ancestors. We evaluate with you the relevance of potential candidates and offer guidance on making contact.


Birth families – connecting birth and adoptive families.

We understand the fundamental significance of knowing one’s birth family. We have experience of both tracing birth family and birth relatives and making connections in birth and adoptive family situations. We can work to identify birth ancestors such as grandparents as well as the family heritage of birth ancestors.


Your life story – the focus is on you, create an autobiography or direct a biography of your life.

Your life story is far more than the sum of life’s events. It is a narrative to which you give unique meaning. The unique legacy of your personal life narrative can be told through biography or shadow-written autobiography. Our historical research provides background to your life events and our writing gives voice to your own words. Let us support you in writing your own life narrative.


Obituary and epitaph writing – preparing compact biographical resumés.

Whether for yourself or another family member we can prepare compact biographical resumés or support you in your own preparations to compose an obituary or epitaph for a loved one.


Family stories – recording and preserving your family lore and oral history.

Your family recollections are a rich repository of family lore specific to your family and none other. Collecting your family’s oral history unlocks generations of recollections relating to your lifetime and your predecessors. Relaxed interviews with family members can be recorded and preserved for generations to come or transcribed for publication. Our research puts these recollections into historical context to bring your European family history to life through family memories.