Showcasing your historical possessions

FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS’ specialised offerings around historical Possessions focuses on the history of your acquisitions and heirlooms. We can also showcase your personal business achievements researching the business history of your founded and family business. Close analysis of your family’s historical photographs can add to the unique historical family record. If you have collections of historical documents, our translation and transcription serivce can help you understand their significance for your European family history.

We tailor your Possessions project to suit your specific personal requirements. We would also love to help you discern your ideas around People and Places. Additionally we can create unique Publications and can add to your collections through bespoke Purchasing.

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Showcasing your historical possessions, historical photographs, historical documents and business history with FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS. Photograph of an empty picture frame accompanying the FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS Specialised Offerings webpage about researching the Posessions that mean the most to you. Image copyright / Daniel Jacob Horin.

Provenance research – charting the provenance and history of significant acquisitions and heirlooms.

Every object tells a story, not least those that we inherit or purchase. Each has a back history which can be explored and recorded, from manufacture to prior ownership. Let us uncover the stories of your possessions with you.


Property history – establishing the history of property and former ownership.

Buildings which stand the test of time live through history and yet have also housed each historical phase they have witnessed. Research into the history of property, from construction, renovation and redevelopment, to prior uses and former inhabitants can unlock the lived life of your property.


Founded and family businesses – showcasing the history of your business achievements.

The history of your corporate achievements, particularly family and self-founded business concerns, encompasses economic and social history on a very personal level in parallel with your own life story. Viewing your business history within its historical context gains a vital perspective on a lifelong accomplishment.


Photography – collating and presenting your visual family history, photographic analysis, dating and album creation.

Exploring your family life in pictures focuses on the individuals behind the family names. Historical photographs from your family’s collections can be analysed to help put names to faces and contextualise your family’s visual heritage. Images can be collated and reproduced to create new family photographic collections with accompanying explanatory notes.


Photograph of assorted historical family postcards, accompanying the FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS' specialised offerings webpage around Possessions showcase the history of your acquisitions, heirlooms and personal business achievements to create a unique record of your family.Personal papers, translation and transcription – unlocking and transforming your family papers, from historic letters and postcards to legal documents through transcription and translation.

Nothing speaks louder than the voices of your ancestors through their words. If you have a family collection of historical documents or correspondence, these can be translated or transcribed to unlock their hidden meaning.