Bring your family history publication to life in print

FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS’ specialised offerings around Publications deliver the complete publication cycle from inception to publication. Professionally written, edited, and formatted works which uniquely showcase your European family history range from family history publication and business history publication, to autobiography and biography. We incorporate fascinating visual records and unique historical contextualisation. Publications can be handcrafted and printed using state of the art finishes with bespoke fine antique binding or contemporary artisan designs. Unique lineage charts set out your European family history in the most visual way.

We tailor all your Publications projects to suit your specific personal requirements. We would also love to help you discern your ideas around People, Places and Possessions, and we can add to your collections through bespoke Purchasing.

If you have a specific requirement which is not listed here, CLICK to get in touch or visit our Contact page.

Photograph of a leather bound publication accompanying the FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS Specialised Offerings webpage about producing unique European family history or business history Publications, European lineage charts or family trees. Image copyright / Alicia Jo McMahan.Publications – from vanity press to mainstream publication, incorporating bespoke antique book binding or contemporary artisan formats.

Your European family history publication will become a beautiful treasured family possession to be handed down and added to for generations to come. Alternatively commission a business history publication as a timeless record of your corporate accomplishments. Working with design-led craftspeople we also produce special occasion and celebration publications combining research with highly-visual formats distinctly worthy as personalised gifts.


Photograph of a rolled up family lineage chart, accompanying the FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS' specialised offerings webpage around Publications deliver the complete publication cycle from inception to publication, including lineage charts and unique wall hangings.

Unique lineage charts – researching and creating handcrafted or digital family trees.

Visualising multi-generational family stories is made clear with bespoke lineage charts in rolled, folded or digital formats. Our European family trees can incorporating entirely personalised elements, such as bespoke calligraphy and images setting out your European family history with clarity and fine design.


picture-frames-1415510-1279x852 freeimages Chris CummingsSpecial occasion family lineage wall hangings – gifting personalised family trees to mark birth, coming of age, birthdays, anniversaries and marriage.

Unique artist designed wall hangings created to celebrate and mark the special occasions of family and friends. Specially tailored to encompass the family members and generations of choice, in a selection of sizes, formats and optional frames.