Bespoke purchasing and personal heritage acquisitions

FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS’ specialised offerings around bespoke Purchasing will enrich your knowledge of your European family history, adding to your understanding of the unique significance and personal heritage. We tailor your personal heritage acquisitions to compliment your unique European family history research project.

We would also love to help you discern your ideas around People, Places and Possessions, we also actualise unique Publications which your family can enjoy and add to for generations to come

If you have a specific requirement which is not listed here CLICK to get in touch.

Photograph of a brown paper shopping bag accompanying the FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS Specialised Offerings webpage about Purchasing. We augment your personal heritage collection through bespoke purchasing or personal heritage acquisitions. Image copyright / Theres Lovcheva.Bespoke purchasing – fascinating resources, historical maps, antique postcards, locational photographs, historical publications and ephemera.

Fully contextualise your European family history with bespoke purchasing to illuminate your ancestors’ former lives and really put your family history on the map. Visual contextualisation through the personal heritage acquisition of historical maps, postcards and photographs and historical ephemera, supported by tailored additions to your library, sourcing academic and popular publications, providing knowledge and understanding of the historical periods and locations in which your ancestors lived.