Your life story is immeasurably more than the sum of your achievements.

The story of your life is a narrative to which you give unique meaning and this meaning becomes part of your inexorable personal legacy.

At FROM HUMBLE ORIGINS we are focused on delivering entirely personalised and purely individual experiences of expert family research to clients globally.

Our expert historical and contextual intelligence gives you complete focus when discerning the uniquely individual legacy of your life.

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How will you share your legacy with those who follow you?

Your personal legacy can be told through biography or shadow-written autobiography, incorporating life story and corporate history to curate how your enduring legacy is shared with future generations. We prepare biographical resumés and partner with you in the preparation of obituary material.

Our historical research adds deeper insights into the rich personal heritage of your family history across Europe, in North America and Australia. We can capture your memories and invaluable family stories, recording and preserving your family lore. We study and collate family photographs and documentation to integrate the ephemeral and material inheritance of your unique legacy to those dearest to you.

From curating your legacy to publishing your life story how can we give form to your unique future bequest?

To discern and originate your uniquely individual personal legacy, CLICK to arrange your confidential and discerning consultation.


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